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Thomas Madsen-Mygdal

ser godt ud med den nye blog.

sig til hvis vi skal hjælpe så at du har f.eks. de 10 nyeste billeder direkte i din højrespalte - eller at du kan "blogge" billederne inde fra 23 direkte til din blog.

og så er digital visuel kommunikation en ret dyb ting der overhovedet ikke er udforsket - men det kan vi snakke om en dag ;)

Lars Ginnerup

As a design shop I really think you should do what Thomas proposes. Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words, and certainly a good example may be worth more than a thousand theories, definitely maybe! Except for The New Science of Happiness. But then again you deliver both pictures of luck and happy examples in words, don't you? Let’s have more of both!! Go to Lykkeblog and backwards with the refined stuff during the upcoming weeks. Now snowboarding, does that make anyone happy? Let’s have some more nice pictures of the glow in the snow.

Nikolaj Stagis

I'm sure that Amanda, Louise, Birgitte and Emilie will tell stories about their day in the snow. I was certainly both tired and happy when we drove home from Sweden.

The moblog will soon be incorporated to this blog - we are working on a new design for both www.stagis.com and www.stagisblog.com

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