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Hans Henrik

Hi Nikolaj and other

Thank your very much for your very quick and honest answers to my comments and questions. I think I have to clearify a bit when talking about external weblogs.

I agree totally with you when saying that sense comes out of a posting, a comment, another comment and maybe another post. No doubt. And of course it – in that regard – makes sense to link to each other. My comment was more directed on the observation that the weblogs mentioned was weblogs placed in a corporate setting. The reasoon why I thought it was important to mention was the fact that the public discourse mainly mentions weblogs as part of an external communication exercise. And it’s definitely not.


About authencity – how to define it? Is it created through what you do, or is it a part of you? What is its origin?

All the best
Hans Henrik

Nikolaj Stagis

Dear Hans Henrik

Thankyou for another question leading to a long (almost endless) line of thought. The subject is complex and maybe that's why we are so few who try to look at a wider perspective...

Check out my post:

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