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Karsten Keinicke

I like the part with the cheese. We have a build-in focus on things that are missing or stick-out in some way; we usually see the flowers that are fallen in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we see the rotten apple in the basket or - voila - the holes in the cheese.

But can we do anything to stop the flowers from falling one at a time, we can't help a few apples in the bunch going rotten or the cheese growing holes?

Nope - so why focus on them?

To me it has to du with redundant information - information that is unusable and therefore take up space in your mind for no reason.

Our brain is designed to throw away redundant information all the time (think of all the smells, tastes, visuals you take in during a day - 99% or so is thrown away by your brain)

So now learn to throw away - make peace with - things or passings that you can't change or use to any other ting than to feel sorry!

Focus on things that are of use to you - happy thoughts, successes etc.

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